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The actual self titled modular cell phone from the business Modu is set to create some severe splashes in the cell phone industry. This product it touted as a worlds 1st modular cell phone which can be easily personalized to fit people specific requirements. Just possibly pop your Modu right into a modu jacket or even pair it having a modu partner, and one has yourself a completely new device. When they hype throughout the concept wasn’t sufficient, just this 7 days the Guinness Book associated with World Records confirmed the Modu is actually the sides lightest and smallest cell phone up to now.


Therefore at it’s primary, you’re essentially tied to the standard cell phone you’ve ever observed. But attach the modu mate, and also you’ve got a completely device. A few of the modu buddies that have been verified so far include MP3 players, digital image frames, digital cameras, and DECT cell phones. The options are generally essentially limitless and it also doesn’t look like Modu is seem to close the doorway on any brand new partnerships that could result in future modu pals / buddies.


And when style much more of your factor, companies like Common Music Group are lined up to create modu overcoats, which transform your own core Modu phone in to a variety of various looks and seems. Where conventional cell phone covers and plates experienced their limitations, the actual simplicity and type of the Modu is usually making it simple for each modu coat to give the look that it’s actually a totally unique and various cell phone.


Nevertheless the problem lies in just its core design and style. The Modu could be the worlds tiniest and lightest cell phone, but without having anything onto it, you should have passed because of it if the scary mall kiosk guys in which giving it away totally free. Furthermore, the modular principle is great and all sorts of, although if the prices not necessarily nice and low the complete sales structure with the phone isn’t specifically going to hold its very own. Each of the modu friends that have been established so far where basically looked after by telephones like the one my father still makes use of.


Yet what’s that you state? My phone cannot be turned into an electronic digital picture shape? It’s called environment your phone to be able to shut the monitor off and leaving the pictures on video summary! Besides that unit, the rest look fairly neat so I will lay off of all of them, and I have to say that, the modu clothes design is actually awesome, but this might turn out to be a attention-grabber that just doesn’t seem sensible when you may purchase one of the HTC or perhaps Nokia Smartphones and possess a small unit that does everything the particular Modu does after which several.


Modu is definitely starting their world cure campaign in Europe very first, but it’s supposed to escape to the states towards end with this year or earlier the coming year. Anticipate a review of smartphone if I can easily manage to get my very own hands on 1